About Us

We are fully committed to working around your business or day-to-day life, minimising any inconvenience. We arrange installation and appointments around your schedule.
Conditioning engineers are installers for top air conditioning brands, including Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Toshiba. We offer you quality.

The company “BEST AC CARE” was formed in 2015 with our core business centered on parts sales, installation, preventive services, and corrective maintenance in the field of air conditioning.

A renowned leader in the Air Conditioning Service Market, We provide a variety of services to accountably enhance the cooling of the world. We majorly focus on parts sales, corrective maintenance, repairs, preventive measures and installations of ACs for industrial, commercial and domestic customers. It’s been a few years since Best AC Care has emerged and we have already made a prominent name in the air conditioning service industry, in addition we have also built a niche for itself by providing all-encompassing, record-breaking and most-delighting AC services across multiple cities in India.
At Best AC Care, we innovatively make use of engineering and servicing both concurrently for our customers which give us a huge competitive advantage in the air conditioning market. We deliver market-leading air conditioning products and services with an extra touch of extravagance and innovation. We are constantly moving ahead and focusing more on energy-conservation, customer-centric styling, and endless convenience for all our clients and customers.

We have been able to compete successfully in the market and expand our business spectacularly to a wide circle of reputable companies and private clients based on our four pillars.

The Company,s strategy is to focus on the global air-conditioning equipment, parts Sales, Equipment installation, Contracting, Servicing, and Repairs.

The company is growing, through an expansion of its current business, parts sales, good-will on customer satisfaction, the establishment of join tventures with Architects and Consultants